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Proposal of Mountain Guides School Arco Lake Garda Trentino for the crossing from North to South of Brenta Dolomites in Italy, from hut to hut, on the via ferrata Bocchette centrali e Bocchette alte del Brenta


Requirements and mountaineering experience for the Bocchette Brenta

Description of the Bocchette Brenta trail by Mountain Guides School Italy

Number of participants and prices for Bocchette Brenta lodge to lodge trips

How to book the lodge to lodge and hut to hut trips and the technical gear

The variety of colors, the shapes of the limestone rocks and walls are unique in the world. Pinnacles and amazing walls alternate with colorful green valleys full of forests, meadows, torrents and canyons with huge waterfalls. The dense presence of mountain lodges in the central part of the Brenta Dolomites (one every 2/3 hours walk) does not disturb the environment. The Northern part of the Brenta Dolomites is wilder and has many "malghe" (shelters for the cows). The number of alpinists of the Brenta Dolomites Trentino has decreased in the last years: the alpinists or rock climbers now prefer the more comfortable crags in the valleys, and the tourists prefer a short hike to the first lodge other than an adventure on the difficult paths in the Brenta Group. Who remains on the Brenta walls are only the lovers of via ferrata because here is their Kingdom. The layer conformation of the rocks in the Brenta Dolomites permits the access to the many ledges they cut the big walls transversally. On these ledges run the via ferrata delle Bocchette Brenta, from one pass to another and from lodge to lodge, across the entire Brenta Group.

Requirements, preconditions and mountaineering experience for via ferrata lodge to lodge trips in the Brenta Dolomites

Everyone who visits the Brenta Dolomites must have some prior mountaineering and via ferrata experience, a firm step and a good physical condition are prerequisites. The via ferrata in the Brenta dolomites (ever Bocchette centrali or Bocchette alte) is completely different to the "sports" routes in the valleys. This is why we speak of real mountaineering. In many parts of the routes the iron cable is not present (impossible to anchor on the rocks) therefore it some rock climbing experience is necessary. Sometimes the use of the rope is indispensable, especially at the beginning of the season, to belay crossing of channels or frozen sections, particularly on the Bocchette centrali. The via ferratas Bocchette del Brenta from lodge to lodge therefore require previous mountaineering and via ferrata experience.

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Description of the lodge to lodge trail by Mountain Guides School Arco Italy on the Bocchette centrali and Bocchette alte

The offer of the Alpine mountaineering School Arco consists of the Crossing of the Brenta Dolomites from North to the South in five or three days, on the via ferrata Bocchette Brenta, with overnight stay from hut to hut.



We meet in Madonna di Campiglio (or in the vicinity). We drive to the starting point in Vallesinella (1.513 m) and here we can leave our car on the parking lot. From Vallesinella we climb up a steep mountain path passing Rifugio Casinei further on up to Rifugio Tuckett (2.270 m). As we are spending our first night here, it is comfortable for us to deposit some of our gear at the mountain lodge, things which are not necessary to be taken on our today's trip. After a lunch break we ascent to Bocca di Tuckett (2.648 m) over a snow slope with sometimes icy segments. In this case we might have to wear our crampons to facilitate the climb up. Once we have reached Bocca di Tuckett we turn North and partially proceed on some of the many iron ladders of via ferrata Benini (initial part of via ferrata Bocchette Alte). After a short break on a plateau we descend along the airy and exposed paths of the via ferrata "Sentiero Dallagiacoma" towards Rifugio Tuckett. We are will spend our first night here - walking time: about 6/7 hours from Vallesinella, considering breaks and slow pace (depending on the fitness of the participants and weather conditions).

2nd day - Via ferrata BOCCHETTE ALTE DEL BRENTA to Rifugio Alimonta

Early start from Rifugio Tuckett. We ascent to Bocca di Tuckett and in about one hour we reach the starting point of via ferrata Bocchette Alte. (Important information: This ferrata is for expert alpinists with solid prior mountaineering experience and can be done only during safe weather conditions. There is no emergency exit during the trip). We are proceeding on iron ropes and upward ladders thus quickly gaining altitude (3.150m). We can enjoy breathtaking stunning views of the Adamello Glacier Park, Presanella Peak and Lake Molveno. At the 3.000 m sign we have reached a comfortable and large ledge called "Cengia Garbari" cutting into the East face of Cima Brenta and turning into a narrow ledge from which we are descending a steep channel by means of two iron ladders. However, these delicate passages of Bocchette Alte are protected by iron ropes. Subsequently we are crossing the via ferrata delle Bocchette Alte on airy and exposed paths and channels which leading us to Spalla di Brenta, the Southern shoulder of Cima Brenta(3.020 m). In our back the South face of the second highest top of the Brenta Dolomites, in the Southwest Cima Tosa Peak (3.173 m) accompanied by Crozzon di Brenta (3.130 m), in the South Torre di Brenta. Climbing upwards to Spallone di Massodi and down along the ridge on iron ladders; after a short traverse and an airy straddle, we are getting to proceed on the steep and seemingly never ending ladder - Scala degli Amici - On protected trails with ladders on narrow and airy, more and more exposed towards the end, we are reaching Bocca dei Massodi (2.790 m). We cross Bocca dei Massodi climbing upwards to a platform and then down again to Sfulmini Glacier. After a not difficult glacier crossing in descent we reach Rifugio Alimonta (2.580 m) where we are spending our second night. Total ca. 6/7 hours walk on the via ferrata Bocchette Alte del Brenta


3rd day - BOCCHETTE CENTRALI DEL BRENTA to rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa

Departure from Rifugio Alimonta. Climbing upwards, we will cross the Vedretta (small glacier above the Rifugio Alimonta- sometimes crampons are necessary) and reach Bocchetta degli Armi. This is the starting point of the via ferrata "Bocchette Brenta centrali" which is one of the most famous and popular via ferrata of the Brenta Dolomites. In the beginning there are a series of short but vertical ladders and we are crossing beautiful and comfortable ledges. Furthermore we are continuing to cross through a channel which is often covered by snow and later down to the famous pillar "Campanile basso". We proceed our via ferrata on horizontal ledges which are running along the Val Brenta to Bocca di Brenta. Here we are in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, enjoying the landscape, we reach Rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa in about 15 minutes. Here we will spend our third night. Duration of the trip: about from 4 to 6 hours. Important note: the Bocchette Brenta Centrali are not completely equipped with iron cables and ropes, thus sometimes it is necessary to climb belayed on our guide' s rope.
Who has booked the 3-day lodge to lodge trip: descend the valley (total ca. 8 hrs - end of the 3-day via ferrata trip).

4th day - SENTIERO DELL' IDEALE - BOCCA D' AMBIEZ to Rifugio Agostini

Departure from Rifugio Pedrotti: we are shortly passing "Sentiero Palmieri" and we climb up towards the gigantic rock pillar of Cima Tosa until the we reach the chimney with signs of the starting point of "Via normale alla cima Tosa". Later, after a two hours walk, it is convenient to take a short rest on a very panoramic shoulder "a balcony over the Brenta Dolomites. Here begins our next via ferrata called "Sentiero Brentari". In the beginning we proceed on horizontal ledges and later downhill, with a little complex climb, to the Vedretta d' Ambiez (the longest perennial glacier in the Brenta Group). At the end of the via ferrata, wearing crampons, we ascend along the Vedretta d' Ambiez and a part of via ferrata "Sentiero dell' Ideale" up to Bocca d' Ambiez (2.870 m), the highest pass in our Bocchette trip. Below us we can see Vedretta dei Camosci which we will climb down tomorrow. We descend vedretta d' Ambiez again and down to Rifugio Agostini (2.410 m) where we will spend our fourth and last night. - Duration of the trip: about 6/7 hours. Just for information: the base of our via ferrata course in the Dolomites is the scenic and peaceful Rifugio Alimonta with excellent food (see the following link:



After a good night' s sleep in cozy Rifugio Agostini, following the way sign towards "Via ferrata Castiglioni" and climbing up the wall of D' Agola Peak. Some challenging and exposed ladders and steps have to mastered and are giving us a hand until we have reached Bocchetta dei Due Denti (2.859 m). Hiking along the snowfield Pratofiorito we can enjoy spectacular views of the Adamello-Presanella Glacier Park and finally we reach Rifugio 12 Apostoli (2.489 m). Our direct connecting trail between Rifugio 12 Apostoli and Rifugio Brentei (our next destination) is running through one of the roughest and yet attractive trails of the entire Brenta Dolomites group. After a short descent towards North, we will reach the starting point of the famous "Sentiero Martinazzi". We have to cross Bocchetta dei Camosci. Sentiero Martinazzi is going around Cima Tosa and the gigantic wall of Crozzon di Brenta. Towards the West, the peaks of Fracigli and Crozzon di Val d' Agola are becoming visible. Our trail is of serious alpine character and can present major difficulties especially with unfavorable weather or crevasses in the Vedretta dei Camosci glacier. We proceed on an easier path to Rifugio Brentei (2.182 m - possibility of spaghetti and beer). From Rifugio Brentei we descend to Vallesinella where we have parked our car. An uncomplicated path through the forest is leading us there in about two hours. End of our five day trip. The total duration from lodge to lodge Rifugio Agostini to Rifugio Vallesinella from 7 to 8 hours, depending on environmental and conditions of the participants.

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Number of participants and rates for our 3 or 5 day via ferrata lodge to lodge trips in the Brenta Dolomites

When: whenever you want, provided during the week (no week-end) and with booking 30 days before the date of departure (We have to book the mountain lodge).

How many participants: minimum three, maximum four, possibility with same skills and mountaineering experience.

PRICE: Euro 595,00 per person for the full 5 day trip - Euro 360,00 per person for the 3 day trip
The price includes the rent of necessary technical gear. Excluding: accommodation, food and drinks in the mountain lodges (calculate 45 Euro per person per day, if you do not drink too much).

How to book and the necessary gear for the lodge to lodge via ferrata Bocchette trip

What to bring with you for the Bocchette Brenta lodge to lodge trip: all the technical gear is being provided by our Mountaineering School Arco (helmet, harness, via ferrata set, crampons, rope, etc.). You just need to bring a pair of solid mountaineering boots and a suitably sized backpack.
Regarding the remaining mountaineering equipment such as clothing, we will provide you with a list after the booking.

How to book or request further information for the Bocchette Brenta lodge to lodge via ferrata trip: only by e-mail at least thirty days before the start of the trip.

DOLOMITES ITALY Welcome to the lodge to lodge via ferrata routes on
the Bocchette Brenta Dolomites, Alps, Trentino, Italy !!!

Individual tuition and customized guided via ferrata on the Bocchette di Brenta

Often we are receiving requests from individual guests who would like to attend a via ferrata Bocchette trip with just 2 people. We are happy to satisfy special requests from people who have specific date requests regarding their trip in the Brenta Dolomites on the via ferrata Bocchette.
This proposal is also dedicated to people are not able to match their needs with our calendar program dates of our via ferrata Bocchette in the Brenta Dolomites.
During a customized individual via ferrata trip on the Bocchette, our mountain guide is able to transmit profound knowledge and to dedicate completely to your own requirements and capacities.
Included in the trip is the rent of all technical gear such as helmet, harness, via ferrata set. We also provide for the booking of the mountain lodges. The dates and program of the 3 day or 5 day trips on the vie ferrate Bocchette in the Brenta Dolomites in Italy can be agreed upon between the customers and mountain guides (according to availability).
For further information or short-term bookings, please do not hesitate to contact our School Director (Delio 0039 338 699 2778).
Rates for trip with 2 participants only: 3-day via ferrata trip Bocchette del Brenta: EUR 495,00 per person; for 5-day trip: EUR 825 per person (Accommodation and food in the Brenta dolomites huts excluded).

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Made by the Mountaineering and rock climbing School Arco Lake Garda Dolomites Italy
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